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Terms and Conditions of the cards

APR / Annual Percentage Rate

APR is the interest rate reflecting the total yearly cost of the interest on a loan, expressed as a percentage rate.

You should always want to apply for a card that offers 0% introductory rate. These cards typically offer 0% interest for at least 6 months, however, if your smart and look around we do have some that offer 0% interest for up to 15 months! These cards save you a good deal of money in just interest alone. Remember to watch for what the credit card’s apr rate will be once the intro period is over.

Check out our credit cards offering low interest: Low Interest Credit Cards, 0 apr credit cards, 0% intro apr credit cards, and zero apr credit cards.

Annual Fee

This is a fee the bank charges you each year for the privilege of using their credit card. Some annual fee’s reach up to $300 a year! Be careful to look for this “hidden fee” when applying for a credit card.  We offer many credit cards that have no annual fee. You will find that many of the good credit credit cards have no annual fee while the bad credit cards have annual fee’s.

Some credit cards offering no annual fee include:
Low Interest Credit Cards, Low APR credit card, Reward credit card, Cash Back credit card, American Express credit card, Discover credit card, Citi Credit Card, and Chase Credit Card

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